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Ashtanga Yoga - The Practice Manual
David Swenson

An Illustrated Guide to Personal Practice
The Primary and Intermediate Series plus Three Short Forms

The most user-friendly yoga book available! Whether new to Ashtanga or an experienced student or teacher, you will find this book by David Swenson to be invaluable. It contains over 650 photos and multiple variations for every asana in the Primary and Intermediate Series plus 3 Short Forms. Its spiral binding assures easy use while practicing and the hard cover increases durability!

About David Swenson
One of the earliest Western practitioners to study with Pattabhi Jois in India, David is recognized as one of the world's foremost instructors of Ashtanga Yoga. David's down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach to teaching this sometimes intimidating practice is like a breath of fresh air. This book is a perfect practice companion for beginners, experienced students and instructors of all levels.

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Ashtanga Yoga
John Scott

John Scott's Ashtanga Primer is one of the most popular, teacher recommended books on Ashtanga Yoga on the market today. With detailed explanations and color photos Scott, who learned Ashtanga directly from Sri K. Pattabi Jois, breaks down this rigorous practice to make it accessible for beginner's and more pleasurable for experienced practitioners.

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Yoga Mala
Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

K. Pattabhi Jois is the founder and director of the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute in Mysore India. His book "Yoga Mala" is considered to be the most authentic text on this ancient style of yoga.

Mala means "garland" in Sanskrit, and Yoga Mala--a "garland of yoga asanas".

In this treatise K. Pattabhi Jois first outlines the ethical principles and philosophy underlying the discipline of Ashtanga Yoga and explains its important terms and concepts. Next he guides the reader through versions of the Sun Salutation and its subsequent sequence of forty-two asanas, or poses, precisely describing how to execute each position and what benefits each provides.

US$15.95 S$27.50

Tribute To K. Pattabhi Jois
Eddie Stern & Deirdre Summerbell

This wonderful book was compiled by Eddie Stern and other dedicated students of K. Pattabhi Jois as an offering of their love for him as well as a tribute to his lifetime of teaching and maintaining of the Ashtanga Yoga system. This book truly depicts the warmth and depth of both K. Pattabhi Jois and his students with a combination of archival and recent photos as well as commentary.

Limited copies available

US$15.00 S$26

Yoga For Chickens
Lynn Brunelle

Chickens know a few things about feeling fried. That's why they've been practicing yoga for centuries. As this hilariously illustrated guide to simple yoga poses reveals, we have much to learn from their bird-brained wisdom. Anyone who's all cooped up or stressed out by the pecking order will feel like a spring chicken in no time thanks to such postures as Chick's Pose, Snake in the Grass, and Chicken of the Sea. Sections on breathing and stretching enlighten any load, and a series of fix-it routines unscramble such problem areas as neck, thighs, and aching feet. Thoughtful hen koans (why did the chicken cross the road?) and plucky affirmations invite contemplation and are sure to inspire budding yoginis to spread their wings. Googly eyed, combs akimbo, these very funky chickens will illuminate both beginners and the adept, and are sure to make anyone's day more chirpy -- all for a nice cheep price. Even the toughest old bird will crack a smile with Yoga for Chickens.

96 pages. Paperback





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Primary Series Ashtanga Yoga DVD OUT OF STOCK
John Scott

This Primary Series Practice DVD has been designed and created according to the state of the art DVD technology.

The special features on the DVD are;

Choose from 5 different Ashtanga yoga practices depending on your level of experience: Select from a 15 minute beginners practice with John right up to a challenging Full Primary Series Session.

listen to the instructional voiceover and let John count you in Sanskrit/English through the correct vinyasa or select to hear the accompanying music while you watch John's graceful and inspiring practice.

Change camera angle whilst you watch the practice. During most sections of this DVD, you are able to switch to an alternative camera angle giving you the opportunity to view the asanas (postures) and the transitions linking them from front, side and side view points.

The names for the asanas (postures) shown by John Scott in this DVD-video are available as subtitles, with each name shown on the screen in Sanskrit for several seconds. You can switch the subtitles track on or off by pressing the subtitle button on your remote control or from within the set-up menu.



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First Series Ashtanga Yoga DVD
David Swenson

This DVD contains the complete First Series of Ashtanga Yoga preceeded by a 30 minute introduction explaining the foundations of the practice. David's delivery of the basic principles is clear and down-to-earth. He opens this practice to a variety of levels by offering varying degrees of approach. After the introduction there is a fully guided First Series practice in the traditional flowing rhythm inherent to Ashtanga Yoga. The session ends with a guided deep relaxation.

An excellent companion for beginners and those working through their Primary Series!


Second and Third Series Ashtanga Yoga DVD
David Swenson

This DVD contains the complete Second and Third Series of Ashtanga Yoga. It is designed for those already proficient at First Series. Ashtanga Yoga should be learned under the guidance and supervision of a qualified instructor and then this program may be utilzed as a tool to enhance personal practice rather than the sole avenue of learning.

2 hours 19 minutes


Advanced A & B Series Ashtanga Yoga DVD
David Swenson

An historic presentation of the original Advanced A & B series never before documented. On this DVD you will find the original Advanced A and B Series of Ashtanga Yoga as demonstrated by some of it's first Western practitioners. The postures flow with grace and poise from one to the next in an exquisite symphony of movement. This historic DVD is filmed on the island of Maui and set to music. It is a visual feast of natures beauty and a sincere portrayal of an advanced level of yoga practice rarely seen.

90 minutes


Short Forms DVD
David Swenson

This DVD contains Three Short Routines for people on-the-go!

  • 15 Minutes designed as a "jumpstart"
  • 30 Minutes for the Newcomer to Ashtanga
  • 45 Minutes as a solid stepping stone into the full Primary Series.
  • 10 Minutes deep relaxation to soothe the body and mind.

The Program begins with a dynamic and graceful Demonstration by David Swenson followed by a comprehensive introduction. David is clear and down-to-earth in his presentation as well as compassionate in his offering of alternatives to many of the asanas.

This DVD is great for those short on time but still desiring to fit yoga into their lives!


Just Relax DVD
David Swenson

This DVD will relax the body and calm the mind!
Filmed entirely on the spectacular island of Maui this video will guide you through a calming routine of stretching and conscious breathing followed by a fully guided deep relaxation which is sure to melt away your tensions.

Take a welcome journey to your inner stillness.

40 minutes




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Anatomy for Yoga
Paul Grilley

This comprehensive DVD includes nearly 4 hours of in-depth lectures and demonstrations of human anatomy as it relates to Yoga practice. Paul's material is divided into seven successive chapters starting with an overview of anatomical concepts and delving deep into each of the major joints of the body.

Using a wide range of normal yoga students to illustrate the natural differences found in every single body, a real skeleton and computer-generated 3D models, Paul thoroughly demonstrates how the bones differ significantly from person to person, and how to use that knowledge in gaining a much deeper understanding of our individual practices.

"Teachers, serious students, and anyone running a teacher training program worth its salt will want a copy of this DVD."
- Yoga Journal

230 minutes



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A Film by Caroline Laskow & Mary Wigmore
Featuring Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, Sharath Rangaswamy, Willem Dafoe and Gwyneth Paltrow

Ashtanga, NY was originally intended as a concert film celebrating the Ashtanga style of yoga, now wildly popular in the United States and around the world. It follows the aging yoga guru Sri K. Pattabhi Jois as he gives his final North American workshop in New York City in September 2001. Devotees were arriving from all over the world to partake in a rare opportunity to practice with the 86 year-old Jois.

The 9/11 terrorist attacks took place in the midst of this celebration, and dramatically changed the meaning and purpose of this yoga gathering. In the difficult weeks that followed, Jois used the Ashtanga practice to help heal and fortify his diverse followers.

This is no intructional video, and these are not your garden-variety contortionists. Ashtanga, NY is a real look into the intersection of ancient practice and modern life, New York-style.

Winner! - Indiefest Chicago 2003

Official Selection - Tribeca Film Festival 2003

Official Selection - San Francisco World Film Festival

Official Selection - Rocky mountain Women's Film Festival 2003

60 minutes



Ashtanga Yoga - Primary Series Practice Card
David Swenson

Find the full First Series displayed within this beautifully designed practice card. David has also included a list of Helpful Hints as well as the Sanskrit Names for all of the asanas!

A handy reference to use during your practice!

Details Of The Practice Cards
• Durable Sweat-Proof Laminate
• Opens to 16 1/2"x 12 1/2"
• Folds to 5 1/2"x 6 1/4"

US$5 S$8.60

Ashtanga Yoga - 3 Pack Practice Cards
David Swenson

In this "Three-Pack" of Practice Cards you will find all three of the individual cards, First Series, Second Series and Short Forms. Beautifully designed with colour photos, each card also includes a list of Helpful Hints as well as the Sanskrit Names for all of the asanas.

Details Of The Practice Cards
• Durable Sweat-Proof Laminate
• Opens to 16 1/2"x 12 1/2"
• Folds to 5 1/2"x 6 1/4"

US$10 S$17.20

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