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How do I use a Gajahgoogoo mysore yoga rug?

Unlike sticky mats that get more slippery when wet, mysore rugs provide better traction when they are damp. To use your rug, simply place it on top of a sticky mat. If you would like to improve grip even more, lightly mist your rug with water before you begin your practice. Some ashtangis prefer to start practice on a sticky mat, then roll out the mysore rug when they have started to sweat.

How do I care for my Gajahgoogoo mysore yoga rug?

With all the perspiration the rugs absorb, it was important to us to develop a rug that could be machine washed – after all, how many of us have access to a dhobi-walla to handwash our rugs?

Gajahgoogoo mysore yoga rugs are machine washable on gentle cycle using cold water only. Do not use the spin cycle or the dryer; the rugs should be hung to dry. Some like to use their rug while still damp for increased traction. Colours may fade slightly over time.

If you have a non-slip rug, you may see creases on the rubber backing after washing. Just lie the rug flat to dry and these will fade away.

Do I need a mysore rug?

If you are happy with your sticky mat and you like the tackiness that it provides, there is no need to get a mysore rug. Some reasons to choose a Gajahgoogoo mysore yoga rug are

  • you perspire a lot and are looking for something that will absorb their sweat and provide traction even when wet
  • you like the convenience of being able to machine wash the rugs regularly
  • you prefer the feel of natural fibre to rubber underfoot
  • you want to choose a more environmentally friendly medium to practice on
  • you want a rug that can do double duty as a (good looking) floor rug when you are not practicing on it
  • you want to be able to fold your rug to carry it to practice or to travel with, instead of rolling it up
  • you find lines on the rug helpful in checking your alignment

Personally, what I like best about using my Gajahgoogoo rug is that it provides a nice balance between traction and slide. For example, when I jump back into chaturanga (plank position), my toes sometimes (often) brush the mat as I bring them through my arms. On a sticky mat, my toes will jam and I get stuck there, while on my Gajahgoogoo rug I can continue to swing back into chaturanga. One day, I hope I’ll be able to jump back on any surface – until then, I’m quite grateful to the selectively sticky nature of my Gajahgoogoo rug!

Should I get an original rug or a non-slip rug?

Both! But seriously...

It depends on how you plan to use your rug. If you always put your mysore rug over a sticky mat, then get an original rug, because it’s a little lighter and more compact, and takes up less space in the washing machine (and its cheaper).

But if you want to practice without a sticky mat, or you’re thinking of traveling with your rug, then you might want to choose a Gajahgoogoo Journey non-slip rug. The rubber backing makes the rug just a little thicker and heavier (1.7kg vs 1.3kg), but you have the flexibility of practicing on just about any surface without having to bring a sticky mat along. The nonslip version is also machine washable and colourfast.

How much will it cost to ship a rug to my country?

If you are in the UK or Europe, do contact YogaBliss, our retailer in the UK, for shipping rates. You can also find out the cost of shipping in our online store as you go through checkout. Shipping costs reduce with larger quanitites, so if you are interested in placing a wholesale order, please send us an email for our wholesale and shipping rates.

If I am in Singapore, how do I take delivery of my rug?

Good news - we currently provide free delivery within Singapore!

How do I order a rug?

We are working on setting up an online store, but in the meantime, drop us an email at order@gajahgoogoo.com to place your order. Payment for Singapore orders can be made by credit card, bank transfer, cheque or cash on delivery. Payment for international orders are by Mastercard or VISA.

Where are Gajahgoogoo products available?

Currently, Gajahgoogoo products are available for sale in the following Singapore outlets:

Energy, the American Club
Oasis Holistic, Selegie Road

Whatever... the Yoga & Healing Space, Keong Saik Road


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