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Gajahgoogoo Original: mysore yoga rugs

For centuries, yoga in India has traditionally been practiced on hand woven cotton rugs. Today, they are popular with ashtangis for the superior traction and comfort they provide over sticky mats, while hatha yogis enjoy the gentle cushioning and the all-natural texture that mysore yoga rugs offer.

Available in four colours and with optional "om" and "lotus" embroidery.

Gajahgoogoo mysore yoga rugs are handmade in India on the same style of hand loom that has been used for generations, but with a few extras to fit our modern lifestyle:
  • We use specially treated preshrunk 100% cotton yarn for colour-fast and machine washable rugs
  • Our rugs are densely woven for better comfort and hold their shape in any pose
  • The natural cotton fiber is perfect for soaking up perspiration. In fact, the more you sweat, the better the traction!
  • Our exclusive designs feature carefully positioned stripes to guide your alignment
  • Clean finished ends are easy to keep clean and don't get in the way during your practice.
  • At 28" x 76", the rugs are large enough to be placed on top of a sticky mat for extra cushioning and to keep it from moving on the floor

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